Given the warm reception Nutbourne received for its first webinar a couple of months ago, we will be hosting another webinar on the 9th June at 2pm, surrounding the topic of hybrid working; in particular, whether your office’s IT is prepared for such a model, moving forward.

The webinar, titled Back to the Office – Is your IT Prepared for a Hybrid Working Model? We’ll look at everything from what exactly the hybrid model is, to the sorts of patches, updates and steps you’ll need to take, from an IT perspective, to get your systems and digital processes up to speed and properly aligned.

Hybrid Working – An Overview

Hybrid working refers to a more fluid and interchangeable workplace setup; one in which the workforce is more evenly distributed between in-situ office workers and employees working remotely. Pre-pandemic, such a notion would have been inconceivable to the majority of employers and firms.

Now, though, it’s not just looking like a possibility; it’s looking like it will change the way we view the workplace forever. With as many people saying they’d like to work remotely, at least some of the time, as those wanting to return the office full-time, according to a recent YouGov poll, the appetite is clearly there. Wanting to implement a hybrid working model is one thing, however. Ensuring it’s done properly from an IT standpoint? Well, that’s quite another.

Is Your IT Ready?

In order for a hybrid model to work effectively, the remote branch of your workforce needs to be just as well equipped, IT-wise, as their on-site colleagues. This means providing additional technology where required, clearly outlining (and in many cases outright creating) procedures and policy as well as tightening up cybersecurity measures.

With more people working remotely, your network is effectively widened and so cybersecurity is more important than ever. Unquestionably, in fact, it’s one of the most important facets of ensuring your hybrid model displays longevity. There are a huge number of things you can check and implement to prepare your company; you’ll have to tune into the webinar to find out the exact details! No spoilers here, we’re afraid!

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To find out more about whether you’re prepared enough or not, make sure to come along to our upcoming webinar (REGISTER HERE)! If you’d like to find out more about the webinar – or about our services more generally – then get in touch! Contact Nutbourne today on +44 (0) 203 137 7273. Alternatively, you can fill out one of our online contact forms or use out ChatBot, where one of our agents will be back to you as quickly as they can!