Managed IT 

Nutbourne are responsible for maintaining and improving the infrastructure and systems of an organisation, to increase efficiency and help people do their jobs without IT troubles.

Managed IT Services
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24/7 Remote Support

Nutbourne provides a 24/7 remote support service. Our engineers can always be available to support your company and ensure you keep working. This allows you to focus on your business and allow us to take the strain of any IT Problems. 

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Onsite Support

Nutbourne offers both recurring embedded on site support and ad-hoc support for case by case issues. Ad-Hoc support allows us to respond to any issue you have which cannot be fixed remotely. 

Embedded onsite support is arranged on a regular day of the week or month. One of our technicians will be dedicated to your business and your systems during that day. We are able to support everything from once a month through to five days a week.

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Monitoring services (NOC)

Reactive Support is important to resolve issues quickly but its as important to proactively work to prevent issues occurring. Nutbourne’s 24/7 Proactive Monitoring Team work around the clock to resolve issues which may occur on your network before they become problems for users.

The Monitoring Team will also work to proactively maintain your environment with the latest system patches, monitor backups and implement fixes outside your working hours. 

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IT Procurement and Projects

Nutbourne can procure and implement any equipment you require to operate via our well established distribution channels and established project delivery team. We are happy to assist with projects both large and small from laptops and PC all the way through larger infrastructure projects.

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