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Every year more and more companies migrate their systems to the cloud. We help with all aspects of cloud services, helping people move to, and maintain their information and systems wherever they are. 

cloud services
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Cloud Hosted Infrastructure

In the last few years cloud infrastructure has become much more common, with Microsoft Azure and Google AWS being the most common in the market. Nutbourne help you configure these for migration, and then supports them day to day to help you remove the inhouse burden of both server and IT inhouse members.

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud that brings together best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security. Using a monthly subscription model, Microsoft 365 gives you the flexibility to adjust the number of user licences as required. It’s not just email; 365 offers dozens of services available as part of your licence. These include Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and the Microsoft Office apps. Nutbourne can help configure, setup and migrate you from your legacy mail systems and then support you in Microsoft 365 going forward.

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Data Centre and Co-location

You may have all of your servers in a Data centre instead of in AWS or Azure. We can help with this too, using our relationship with Rackspace and other providers to help you manage and set up your systems in the best way possible.

Alternatively you may own your own servers and then want to hold them somewhere outside of the office (co-location). If this is the case we can help too, setting them up, or just managing them day to day.

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Cloud Backup

In these days of online threats, and indeed user errors, we always suggest you have backups located in the cloud (or if your data is too large, at least not stored on tapes which are rotated). This means if you do have an issue with anything, from ransomware to user deletion, we can quickly and simply find the file/s and help you restore your environment with the minimal heart ache. We can provide these services, or just help you with ones you already have. 

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