Cyber Security  

Nutbourne protect your systems, networks and programs from digital attacks with their cyber security solutions. We help you put your security in place to minimise risk. With 158727 records stolen from breaches per hour, this has never been more important.

Cyber security solutions
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Email Security

With the rise in phishing emails and general and targeted spam, it is critical to ensure you have robust Email Security protection in place. Malicious email is one of the most likely entry points for cyber threats such as Ransomware, Identity Theft and Malware. Nutbourne work with providers such as Barracuda, Mimecast and Microsoft ATP to implement the correct solution for your environment.

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Endpoint Protection

It is well established that a computer should have Anti-Virus installed but with modern and emerging threats this is no longer enough. Nutbourne work with market leading endpoint protection providers SentinelOne and Bitdefender to ensure you are protected against known, emerging and future threats across all devices types. 

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Data Security and GDPR

It is a legal requirement to protect the data you hold but GDPR regulations introduced on 25th May 2018 have strengthened these requirements. It is not optional to protect the data you collect and you need to ensure you have robust processes which meet the legislation. Failure to do so will risk not only losing clients but potentially heavy fines from the ICO. Nutbourne can provide a framework to reduce the complexity and ensure you are compliant.

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the government backed scheme aimed at Small and Medium Businesses. It’s sole aim is to make yourself and your business more secure. There are two schemes available to businesses – Cyber Essentials and the more advanced Cyber Essentials Plus. Nutbourne can help you run through the process of becoming compliant and applying so you can demonstrate to your clients that you take cyber security solutions seriously.

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Security Monitoring (SOC)

Proactive Security monitoring is a critical component of a well setup IT environment and a key tool in your arsenal against emerging threats such as Ransomware. Nutbourne’s Security Monitoring team can monitor your environment 24/7 and react to any threats as they happen, mitigating and rolling back damage. Threats don’t wait for you to be looking at your computer to emerge, and our team of cyber security solutions experts will respond to alerts no matter the time of the day so you can sleep well.

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