No matter the size or nature of a business, in today’s digital age, an IT solutions provider, such as Nutbourne, can be on hand with a team of analysts to provide around the clock monitoring services to assist a business’ digital operations.

At its core, the network monitoring process allows for a company to run a series of checks using various measures to regulate if a company’s IT network is functioning and performing efficiently. If for whatever reason it isn’t, and there could be a multitude of reasons for this, then through proactive monitoring and servicing, it should be possible to determine the problem. The tools used in IT monitoring can vary greatly in their function to resolve issues within a company’s IT infrastructure.

Depending on how hands-on and proficient you are with your IT endeavours, you may feel it possible to manually monitor your company’s IT network. Whilst this is entirely possible, it can prove to be incredibly time consuming. And, depending on how fast a business grows, it could also become difficult, and in some cases just not possible. It’s for this instance that a variety of IT tools are available. Such tools can perform a range of tasks at different levels of complexity. More advanced tools are even able to automate system repairs when issues arise.

How IT Monitoring Services Work?

IT monitoring is crucial to the corporate world of digital business. The benefits of employing an all-encompassing IT network monitoring service means a company can save money and cut costs. At the same time, it ensures employee productivity is to the standard a business may require. Network monitoring services employ a host of techniques to test, check and report on the functionality of a business’ IT network.

One of the many checks carried out within service monitoring is on the servers which make up a business’ network. This is done to decipher whether all of the servers within a network are online and functioning properly. When an issue is detected, a monitoring service can alert an administrator to the threat and provide the necessary tools in order to rectify the problem. A fully functioning and systematic monitoring service should be capable of overseeing a variety of system configurations, such as hardware and software, or sometimes both. Subsequently it should have the capacity to maintain the functions of just about any network; such as local area network, wide area network or virtual private network.

Five Key Advantages of Efficient IT Monitoring Services

Quick Detection of Problems

Having the capacity to quickly detect problems before they arise is the difference between proactive and reactive monitoring. In order to stay on top of such issues, it’s vital to monitor your IT infrastructure regularly. Due to the sheer size of some networks, this can be harder than it sounds. However, the more quickly a company is able to discover any issues, then the quicker they’re able to fix them and avert any serious dangers. The IT tools used to monitor networks also have the ability to gather and report on what caused the issue initially. This allows for a better understanding and a more a proactive approach to any future problems.

Performance Monitoring

The performance of a company is largely dependent on its workforce. For an IT-centric business, it’s important to recognise and rectify any issues which may contribute to an underperforming team. IT monitoring looks at such issues and allows for a business to measure results against performance whilst also giving an overview of other of channels that may need improvement in the future.

Halting A Network Outage

There are two types of network outage – internal and external. Both can be as equally damaging to your IT network. With an efficient IT monitoring system in place, these network issues can be snuffed out quickly to avert the potential of a network failure.

The ability to see statistics and data allows for the right preparation from your network admins for such things as DDOS threats to minimise the danger of an attack happening. It’s also important that an IT infrastructure is well monitored before any internal configurations take place. Doing so will greatly assist in the early detection of network issues preventing the possibility of an outage before it can occur.

The Ability to Recognise Threats

Having the ability to recognise potential threats to your IT network’s security can save such headaches as data loss and theft. IT monitoring can recognise such security threats and prevent these kinds of breaches occurring. Employing a modern and efficient host of IT monitoring tools can provide a broad scope and understanding of your internal IT network to recognise and report on such red flags as unusual spikes in your network traffic activity.

Receiving Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notification using IT monitoring will help a business stay alert to issues that could possibly hinder a network’s performance. Notifications can be received live via a host of communication channels such as email or internal workspace dashboards.

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