A vast majority of businesses use Microsoft Office 365 for all their online activities and communication. With a complete package for software and applications, working seamlessly across devices, countries, and timezones, is there any other choice that comes close besides Google Suite? With so many apps, services, plans and options open to you, the choices are endless; at the same time, though, that wealth of choices also be overwhelming.

At Nutbourne, we want to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible, even if they don’t consider themselves tech-savvy. Migrating from one provider is stressful enough, but our Office 365 licensing packages can take all the stress from your hands. Our team of skilled (and friendly!) professionals are happy to help. Choosing the right Office 365 package can drastically change your team’s productivity, effectiveness, and in turn, company profit. So, where should you begin to look?

The Standard License

The standard license for businesses is Office 365. It is powerful, but simple, and comes with email and the standard Microsoft apps like Word. You also have access to Teams, which is a cloud-based software that lets your employees work together, call each other and share files. On top of those, there are three other cloud services like OneDrive for file sharing. You can also go for the premium Office 365 licensing, in addition to the entire standard package, you also get the cybersecurity system, Azure, and device security software Intune.

We understand, It might seem a bit overwhelming at this point, with so many options and new words, but there’s a useful way to go about choosing the right Office 365 licensing for you and your businesses. The below can be considered as a guide towards choosing the optimum license for yourself.

  • What programs do you and your staff use most? Do you have more need for a word processor than team calls? Is Excel the staple program for all employees, or would you prefer increased security for your staff’s work devices?
  • Do your staff need access to their applications and files on their own devices as well as their work-provided ones, from anywhere in the world?
  • What’s the size of your business? How many staff do you have? How much do you expect to grow in the next few years? This will affect the number of licenses you’ll need to buy.
  • How high does your security need to be? And that’s not to ask how much do you want it to be, I mean what levels of sensitive data are we storing here? If it’s personal records, medical information, and banking information, it’ll need to be much more secure than infographics and abstract design.

If you know the answers to these questions then we can help you with your Office 365 licensing. Even if you don’t, then we’ll still be able to talk through your options with you and help you make the right decision for your business. For example, a business office 365 license will support up to 300 users; whereas an enterprise plan, on the other hand, is unlimited in terms of user numbers. Many businesses struggle with over-purchasing and under assignment of licenses, meaning that they’re often paying for unused accounts,which of course is less than ideal, especially if you’re a small business.

Seeking Consultancy

Seeking consultancy on Office 365 licensing is ideal for those smaller companies looking to scale up over time; as we said, you don’t want to overpay and end up not using all the accounts available to them. At the same time, though, selling yourself short, so to speak, in terms of getting too small a licensing package, can end up stifling progress and clogging up otherwise slick and streamlined business processes. It’s a fine balance, and the best people to ask? The people that deal with these sorts of questions every single day.

Our Other Services

We also offer a wide variety of other IT services, including vCIO services, comprehensive managed service provision as well as consultancy on areas such as cybersecurity, network auditing, storage (whether on-premise or cloud-based) and software and hardware topics. Traditionally, many businesses have looked towards a break-fix mentality for their IT solutions. Here at Nutbourne, however, we believe that mode to be outdated and obsolete. We believe long-term partnerships, management and continual consultancy is the way forward for companies.

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So, if you’d like to find out more about our Office 365 licensing services, then get in touch! Contact Nutbourne today on +44 (0) 203 137 7273. Alternatively, you can send us a message using our online enquiry forms or by chatting to us via ChatBot. However you want to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!