Increasingly, businesses across many industries (and indeed businesses of all sizes) are utilising ERP tools as a means of optimising, streamlining and improving their operations. But what actually are ERP tools? In essence, they’re software programs that offer a means of integrating and enhancing company processes through the provision of a suite of tools and platforms.

Microsoft offer various ERP options, as does the similarly giant firm SAP, but far from being the only ones. What we’re interested in here at Nutbourne, however – a leading London managed service provider – is what these software suites actually offer companies, as well as why you should consider one – even if you’re only a small or medium-sized business.

What Are The Core Modules Of ERP Systems?


Within this module, analytics and data regarding a company’s finances are gathered, stored and processed. Companies will be able to tackle processes, including:

  • Ledger management
  • Profit tracking
  • Accounts (both payable and receivable)
  • Tax management
  • Managing multiple currencies

HR & Payroll

HR is a crucial branch of any company, no matter its size. A business is only as good as the employees driving it and the happier and more content they are, the better your business will be as a result.

HR modules are an integral part of any ERP software and they include everything from the relatively basic – attendance and annual leave booking – through to more complex features such as appraisals and employee performance evaluations. Within this module, HR managers are also often able to plan and implement their strategies for employee development and progression.

Project Management

How many times have projects within your business gone off-course because of a lack of processes and tracking? Plans based around innovative and fantastic ideas often fizzle out or take far longer than they should because there’s a lack of physical monitoring and, well, management.

Project management modules within ERP software platforms help rectify this problem. Within it, you’re able to track projects and goals, set up comprehensive timelines and sub-stages, as well as appointing roles and tasks to specific team members. These are all things that can be done manually, but having them all compiled in one shared location drastically improves project efficacy.

Data Services

Data service ERP modules help companies gain greater contextual insight with the data at every business’ hands. From this, decision-making processes and company efficiency can be enhanced and smarter choices made.

Supply Chain Management

Managing the supply chain is often a pain-point in a business’ processes. Hold-ups and problems at one stage can have drastic impacts later down the line. Keeping things smooth and streamlined, therefore, is never more essential than it is here. ERP platforms often include supply chain management modules as part of their core offering, within which you’ll find functions such as:

  • Invoice management
  • Sales management
  • Purchase management
  • Price book

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The functionality of this particular module within ERP platforms very much centres around optimising lead generation, analytics for customer retention, end-to-end marketing, etc. and this tends to be done through the provision of a centralised platform from which the various sales channels can be utilised. There are, of course, countless other ERP modules you can add in most cases, however those lifted above are a staple of pretty much every ERP software.

How Much Does An ERP Platform Subscription/License Cost?

How long is a piece of string? The cost of installing an ERP platform can (and does) vary massively between particular providers, as well as on what modules you want included, the cost of deployment as well as the possibility of ongoing costs in the form of IT staff, customer support and maintenance and upgrades. If you’re looking for more information or a better idea of how much it might cost, we’d be happy to have a discussion and a look at your company’s circumstances!

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