Deepfake AI is a form of artificial intelligence that creates highly realistic but fake audio and video content. It’s a concern for all sectors because it ban be used to create false representations of an organisation and its people, which can have a damaging effect on reputation.

In the third sector, it’s been used to generate fundraising scams by impersonating key personnel and duping donors and stakeholders. They’ve also been used to spread misinformation about charities activities’, undermining public trust and support in the process.

Deepfake AI is also a concern for SMEs because it can be used in phishing attacks to obtain sensitive data – indeed, it’s predicted to be one of the top 5 fraud trends in 2024, so it’s worth educating and protecting your organisation now.

How do I do that?

There are five simple steps you can take to protect against Deepfake AI. Most of them are easy to carry our in-house or with the support of an MSP.

Education and awareness: This is a no-brainer. We always recommended you train and educate your staff regularly when it comes to cybersecurity. Your MSP can carry this out for you or, if you have it (and you ought to), your cybersecurity insurance provider can. Being aware is half the battle.

Verification protocols:  Implement strict protocols for all comms, especially video and audio content, financial transactions and anything that involves your data and information. Doing so adds a layer of protection and ensures that it’s harder for your content to be faked and your information to be accessed. Consider digitally watermarking documents and content.

Strong cybersecurity: Get your cybersecurity up to scratch – this 101 for EVERY organisation. Follow the NCSC’s CyberEssentials to benchmark your IT security, identify weak spots and get yourself up to scratch. This will plug gaps and protect your digital assets.

Transparent Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication with your donors and stakeholders to build trust and ensure they can verify legitimate communications.

Stay informed & proactive: Keep updated on the latest developments in AI and security; if that’s not something you think you can do regularly, consider working with an MSP who will do as a matter of course (along many other things!).

Deepfake AI is one of a number of threats SMEs need to be aware of. Like all other threats, they can be combated with education, awareness and good IT hygiene. If you need help with any or all of those, get in touch today.