Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. But while many know the main causes, few realise the impact IT has.

Current projections show that by 2030, IT could use 21% of global energy. This shows the urgent need for businesses to rethink. It also shows they must revamp their IT operations to foster sustainability.

But isn’t that time-consuming and expensive? Well, not exactly according to Nutbourne’s Marcus Evans.

“Transitioning to more sustainable IT practices can be a game-changer,” he says. “And there’s actually a lot you can do straight off the bat that will save you money and reduce your impact.”

“How does that work with IT?  For a start, use more energy-efficient hardware and use cloud services that focus on renewable energy. Also, ensure your data centres run efficiently.”

Evans adds that green practices should be integral to every business operation. This includes simple steps, like reducing paper usage with digital documents. You can also cut commuting emissions by promoting hybrid working.

“Choosing sustainable suppliers is another key step,” he adds. “SMEs should buy from vendors who have environmental policies and practices.

“This means choosing energy-efficient hardware. It also means choosing hardware with a long lifecycle. And, it means picking software that uses little energy.”

He adds that establishing a system for regular monitoring and reporting on sustainability metrics is essential. It means you can track your progress and find areas to improve. You can also stay accountable.

Implementing all these strategies at once might be hard. But, starting with one or two can have a big impact, Evans says.

“Focus on one or two things and do them well,” he advises. “Check and refine your approach. Then think about another strategy, another part of the IT department you can improve.

“Remember: Businesses that enhance IT sustainability fight climate change. They also meet their sustainability goals. This improves their long-term viability. Taking actionable steps is crucial for that.”

Addressing the environmental impact of IT is not just an option but a necessity. Businesses can fight climate change by adopting sustainable IT practices. This effort also supports global sustainability. Moreover, it lays a foundation for business growth.

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