Most cyberattacks start via email where a user is tricked into opening a malicious attachment, or into clicking a malicious link and divulging credentials, often even responding with confidential data. Attackers “scam” victims by using carefully crafted emails to build a false sense of trust and/or urgency. These so-called “attackers” use a variety of techniques to do this—imitating trusted domains or brands, impersonating known users, using previously compromised contacts to launch campaigns, and/or using compelling but malicious content in the email. In the context of an organization or business, every user is a target and, if compromised, a conduit for a potential breach that could prove very costly.

Whether it’s sophisticated hacking attacks, targeted phishing schemes, business email compromise, or ransomware attacks, such attacks are on the rise at an alarming rate and are also increasing in their sophistication. It is therefore imperative that every organization’s security strategy include a robust email security solution. Luckily enough we’ve got some good news for you. Seeking help from a hands-on MSP (Managed Service Provider) such as Nutbourne to man your IT systems can give you and your organisation the upper hand when it comes to being protected against these kinds of attacks.

We’d like to shine a light on one of our products that ensure employees are equipped with the necessary training and tools to detect an email attack and act accordingly. Empower your workforce and protect your business with Usecure. By using this program, Usecure allows you to measure, boost and monitor employee cyber awareness through training and automation. Cyber attack awareness has proven that ‘One-size-fits-all’ training doesn’t work. Usecure will identify your users’ individual risk areas, then auto-enroll staff onto quick and easy, personalized training programs that tackle their weakest areas first.

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