Here at Nutbourne, we’re a managed service provider offering some of the best IT Solutions the world has to offer, but these don’t necessarily mean that your business is safe from ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats. This is why we are always looking for the best solutions to mitigate the risk to our customers.

We’ve said it before, but it is worth reiterating; your workforce is the weak link in the chain when it comes to cybersecurity. Again, we aren’t being mean! We’re sure your workforce is lovely, intelligent and very capable, but unfortunately this might not be enough. You can make sure all precautions and preventative measures are in place, but all it takes is one human error to compromise your whole system. Ransomware attacks and phishing techniques are getting very sophisticated and could potentially fool anyone under the right circumstances. 

Sophos’ State of Ransomware Report 2021, found the average ransomware attack recovery costs for businesses have more than doubled in the past year, rising from £549,355 in 2020 to £1,335,191 in 2021. With the number of ransomware attacks rising and the veracity of the attacks getting worse, we need to do everything we can to mitigate the risk to your business. 

How do we counter this threat? 

Cybersecurity awareness training is a good place to start, but standard training often doesn’t engage users and wastes time if the user is already aware of different practices. This is why we are offering uSecure to our clients. uSecure is the next step in the evolution of cybersecurity awareness training; Human Risk Management. 

Human Risk Management is more focused on the individual, evaluating what level they are at, finding the gaps in their knowledge and signing them up for the relevant courses to fill in those gaps. uSecure is an automated system that does this for you. 

After an initial quick gap analysis questionnaire, uSecure builds a unique risk profile for each user, assessing which areas are at the highest risk. Using these risk profiles, uSecure auto-enrols users onto training programmes that specifically tackle the risk area of each individual, saving time and resources on your training. 

Measuring Progress 

It can be tough to see results from cybersecurity awareness training in normal circumstances, but with uSecure you can monitor progress, both on a company-wide basis and for each individual user. Assisting the management of this training, managers can receive weekly reports that are easy to digest. 

This is especially useful when it comes to audits! Normally all you can say is, “They’ve had the training.” but now you can demonstrate compliance by tracking participation in courses, risk scores and customisable reports. 

Not only can you see progress, you can actually test it too by using simulated phishing directly from uSecure. This sends simulated attacks to your users and if they fall for the attack, it can instantly educate them on what signs they missed and what they can do to avoid similar attacks in the future. As we mentioned before, phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated, with targeted attacks in 

the form of spear-phishing. These attacks impersonate internal staff, spoofing domains to make it more believable. You can edit pre-made templates in uSecure to make them hyper-targeted, exactly like hackers would do. This is the ultimate way to test your workforce’s cybersecurity awareness! 

Customisable for bespoke requirements 

uSecure contains a custom Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to create custom courses for your users. This is very easy to use with an intuitive drag and drop system to add any kind of training you need. 

Keeping users engaged 

Look, we all know that training isn’t necessarily the most fun part of a job, but it doesn’t have to be boring. uSecure uses many methods to keep users engaged and on track to becoming super-security-savvy. Users will retain the training a lot faster with short videos and interactive content providing a micro-learning environment. This helps keep it fun and easy to digest with bite-sized, jargon-free courses. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be fun and games. You can choose between the more “fun” training programmes or more “corporate-friendly” in line with your company’s culture. uSecure really is whatever you need it to be. 

No hassle to set up 

uSecure is a cloud service, so there’s nothing to install. You can get started quickly and easily, with minimum fuss. After configuring the system to your liking, it is a simple case of adding the users and then everything else is automated! Using uSecure’s ‘AutoEnrol’ enables you to rapidly deploy training programmes unique to your employees’ security knowledge gaps, with continuous management made easy through automated course invites, reminders and weekly summary reports. 

Still need convincing? 

You may think that you don’t need this training. Statistics and examples don’t always paint the picture of how much this training is needed. Maybe you do understand how important it is, but you don’t know where to start. Nutbourne are here to help! Our team will be able to discuss the benefits of uSecure with you, and explain to the decision makers within your business, how pain points and concerns can be combatted by the training offered. 

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uSecure is the ultimate way to train your workforce to become security-savvy and avoid ransomware attacks! 

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