Most businesses now understand the importance of cybersecurity, and conversely the risks posed by cybercriminals. Strangely, though, many companies then forget to follow up on this, consigning it instead to the big ‘to do’ list in the corner of the office, slowly gathering dust. Basic cybersecurity is important, though – essential in fact – to any and every business in 2021. Nutbourne is a managed service provider who offer a raft of different cybersecurity solutions in London, Essex and the rest of the south-east. We wanted to go through some cybersecurity fundamentals for businesses, so that hopefully you’ll never get caught out.

Phishing Awareness

Amongst the most important cybersecurity tips, is awareness around phishing emails. Hackers “phish” for sensitive and important personal/business information by disguising themselves as credible emails. Often, they’ll emulate leading brands, and are typically only discernible through mistakes in the email copy or an incorrect email address.

Most of the times, it only takes one click of the button on the phishing email to either infect your device or access your network. If ever you’re unsure as to the credibility of an email, look for spelling mistakes or anything that seems unusual. Failing that, look up the actual company’s official mailing address.

Protecting Against Spyware

It’s crucial that your business not only implements antivirus software, but just as importantly, keep it up to date. Many companies make the mistake in thinking that because they have antivirus software, they’re instantly (and eternally) protected, when that’s not the case.

Outdated malware protection can leave the door open for viruses almost as much as an unprotected device. That’s why patches and updates are – and we can’t stress this enough – critical in order to protect businesses from cybercriminal activity. If you’re unsure as to what antivirus software to purchase, just get in touch with a managed service provider such as ourselves.

Is Something Free? Think Twice Before Downloading

We’ve all felt the allure of something free before. There’s just something deep down inside us that likes getting something for nothing, no matter how cheap or tacky. When it comes to online freebies, on the other hand, they can be a bit more dangerous. Free software and apps often contain malware or contain the ability to harvest personal data.

Check Social Media Privacy Settings

If you don’t watch your social media security settings, then your personal data is available for all to see. That can include everything from your full name, to phone number, photos and contacts. At best, it’s not that nice that everybody can see your personal information. At worst, though, if you work for a company where data privacy is critical, then it can be much more problematic.

Use Two-Factor Authentication!

Using two-factor authentication is one of the easiest ways of shoring up your company’s overall cybersecurity. What is 2FA or MFA (multi-factor authentication), though? If ever you’ve received an email code or SMS code when you’ve tried to log in somewhere, usually in the form of a series of digits, then you’ve made use of two-factor authentication.

See Something Lying Around? Don’t Pick It Up!

It should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you find a USB/flash drive lying around, then don’t go and plug it into your computer whatever you do – no matter how curious you are! Hackers have a habit of coding malware onto these drives which can then take root into your device, once you’ve plugged it in. The moral of the story?

If ever you’re in doubt, then leave it well alone. This falls under a broader message to do with cybersecurity solutions, too, and that’s the theme of training. Here at Nutbourne, we offer a range of training options, and can help educate your workplace on basic cybersecurity ‘etiquette’ so that your entire team is clued in on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do.

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