Office 365 from Microsoft is one of the most popular suites of office software available on the market, today. The productivity suite, which has been available for around two decades now, features everything from the core applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint to more complex applications like SharePoint, Skype and OneDrive. The team here at Nutbourne offer Office 365 licensing and, with our extensive small business IT support, can ensure that companies get properly set up and get the most from their new package. Here, we discuss some of the major benefits which come from utilising Office 365.

Help Your Business Grow

With over one billion people worldwide making use of Office 365 in some capacity or other, it’s hard to argue against its value for businesses. Something it can help with, in particular, is growing a company. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of countless dedicated departments in the same way that larger firms do. This results in a relatively few number of employees having to balance a relatively large number of plates.

The various software applications provide your smaller team with a vast toolkit with which to approach daily business life. Accounting becomes easier thanks to Excel, storage becomes an issue of the past thanks to OneDrive and files can be accessed more easily than ever before, and from wherever you want with cloud storage. Smaller businesses have to be more agile and flexible than their larger counterparts; this means having to work more flexibly, too, in the form of remote working and irregular hours. Office 365 enables such a workflow with ease.

Save Time

Mundane administrative processes which once would’ve taken vast chunks of time are compressed into a few clicks of the button with Office 365’s versatile functionality. Because ideas and documents can be shared with (and subsequently edited by) other employees more easily in real time, projects get completed to the same high quality but in an objectively more streamlined and targeted way.

Greater Collaborative Capabilities

Collaboration is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Office 365 in the eyes of our small business IT support firm. With the ability to share calendars, documents, contacts as well as applications like SharePoint whose whole purpose is to enhance collaborative productivity, Office 365 is designed with the collective in mind, and not the singular. Such features enhance transparency, avoid double-bookings and enable greater project visibility so that everyone more easily knows what they should be doing and when.

Nice And Secure

Office 365 comes with a host of actionable security features, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), mobile device management for those companies with a BYOD (‘bring your own device’) policy, privileged identity management and more that you can purchase as add-ons for a small monthly extra. These include Azure Identity Protection and Advanced Threat Protection to name just two.

Pay For What You Need

Smaller businesses run tighter financial margins and every expenditure has to be meticulously thought through. Another major benefit of Office 365 is that it’s paid not only on a monthly basis, subscription style, but also on a per user basis. This level of fiscal flexibility is ideally suited to those smaller firms more reliant on cash flow, where they might need to scale their needs not on a yearly basis, but on a more regular, monthly basis.

Safe Even In A Crisis

Thanks to data and files being stored in a centralised cloud (and also being regularly backed up) then should anything drastic happen to your company – an extreme weather event like a flood ruining the office, for instance) then your company’s information is secure and business can continue as normally as possible.

This enhanced continuity is extremely useful even if you hadn’t previously considered it. It’s one of those things that you don’t really think about it until you need it, and then you really wish you had it! With downtime being incredibly costly to any modern business, regardless of its size, having such backups in place will mitigate the worst of any event which takes your company offline.

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If you think Office 365 could benefit your company, then the chances are you’re probably right! With its wide range of applications, value for money and solid security, there’s a reason that Office 365 has continued to be such a staple within both professional and domestic settings.

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