For some larger companies, the issue of IT support falls to their own in-house tech department; for others, however, this is simply too much of a financial outlay to be feasible. Smaller businesses and SMEs shouldn’t be at a disadvantage when it comes to the standard of their IT systems, though, simply because of their comparatively smaller size. The team here at Nutbourne, who have offered small business IT support for over a decade, wanted to talk about how outsourcing your IT support needs through to an external managed service provider might be one of the best business decisions you can make this year.

vCIO Services

Whatever your company and whatever your size, the digital side of things is just as important as any other aspect. Whether it be looking after client and employee data, protecting yourself against cybersecurity threats or looking to improve the quality of your customers’ digital experience, this isn’t an area to be overlooked.

A vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) can come in and help align your company’s IT systems with the direction it’s more broadly headed in. From ensuring the correct day-to-day processes are in place as well as proposing longer-term IT strategies, a vCIO can be just what your firm needs to grow to the next level.

Help Provided As And When It’s Needed

Having a permanent tech team in-house isn’t just expensive, it’s also an inefficient allocation of resources. What’s the point of having more permanent employees on your payroll if for the most part they’re inactive?

Many companies realise this dilemma but instead of doing the sensible thing and outsourcing, they simply try and make do and mend with what they’ve got, tackling IT problems themselves. The damage this tinkering can cause, though, is often much worse than the initial issue!

By utilising small business IT support, you can get help as and when you need it – no more and no less. It keeps your company as streamlined as it needs to be without compromising on the quality or standards of your digital systems. Sounds pretty good to us…

Get Your Team Up To Speed

The ultimate goal with your IT systems is that your own teams can look after themselves – save for critical network or hardware failures, of course. Education is a crucial part of any managed service provider’s role; our small business IT support centres not only around looking after your IT systems but also in helping you reach a position where you’ll be able to help yourself.

Educating On Cybersecurity Threats

A cyber-education extends beyond simply how to look after the basics of your IT systems, however. With small business IT support, we can educate your teams on the importance of good cyber ‘hygiene’. Cybersecurity threats are as numerous and prominent as they’ve ever been, and they affect businesses of every size.

Don’t think, just because you’re smaller in stature than other companies, that you’re not at risk of being targeted. Our team can help your employees get up to speed; we can teach them on topics like the importance of multi-factor authentication and how to spot phishing and spoofing emails.

Our ‘Roadmapping’ Service

Here at Nutbourne, our small business IT support primarily takes the form of a roadmap service. We can benchmark, plan and subsequently oversee your IT support in the way best suited to your particular company. We also offer standalone support for when it’s needed. It’s a firm belief of ours, however, that the holistic support that a roadmap service offers is best suited to most smaller businesses in the longer run.

“If It’s So Important, Why Don’t More Companies Utilise Small Business IT Support?”

Truthfully, because most don’t know it’s an option! Many smaller companies believe that IT support is reserved for the ‘big boys’ business-wise. In actual fact, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. IT support is an integral part of modern-day business and your company is no exception. The flexibility of outsourced support is one of the things that makes it so attractive for smaller firms. We couldn’t recommend it more – biased though we may be!

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