Assuming the IT burden of a company is one of the main remits of a managed service provider in London such as ours. Ours is a role in which responsibilities are taken over and systems optimised, so that your IT systems enhance your business’ progress rather than stunting it. In other words, we look to make lives easier – in whatever we do. The team here at Nutbourne wanted to talk through some of the processes involved within assuming that IT burden.

Initial On-Boarding

Our initial reconnaissance mission sees us meeting with our clients and gathering as much information about their organisation, as possible. Don’t worry, though, it’s nothing like as secretive or mysterious as we’ve made it sound! We’ll simply thoroughly get to know the ins and outs of your company, establish the type of support most likely needed (both now and into the future) – but we make sure never to try and upsell our services to you. We’ll identify the current state of things as well as how they could progress in the future.

Managing Accounts

After that initial on-boarding process, we’ll meet with the relevant account managers to identify objectives and goals and really get to know the nuts and bolts of your company. With your account managers, we’ll identify pathways of progress to those goals, potential stumbling blocks and how Nutbourne can help overcome them. If you’re looking to build a long-lasting working relationship, then strong foundations are vital and that’s what we lay out here.

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) – AKA The Hub

The heart of our support revolves around the establishing of a Network Operations Centre. Within this process, we’ll establish the parameters and processes needed in helping address any issues on the network. The result? The smooth running of IT software, hardware and services. Now, call us a biased managed service provider here, but what’s not to like?

Embedding Support

This revolves around providing the day-to-day IT support that most people think of when they think of the phrase “IT support”. What we’re talking about here is the addressing of network and internet concerns, managing cybersecurity issues and uttering the immortal phrase “have you tried turning it off and on again?” – ok, not that last one, perhaps.

Usually, once we’ve integrated our NOC services, day-to-day support isn’t actually needed that often. But, no matter how optimally set up your IT systems are, problems will inevitably sometimes arise and we make sure we’re there for when they do.

Is A vCIO Required?

Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) are an increasingly common fixture within modern businesses. One of the issues that modern businesses have grappled with in this digital age is aligning their business strategy with their overall IT strategy. Our vCIO services mean we can identify areas of a business, from an IT perspective, that need addressing either now or at some point in the future.

The extent to which these services might be required depends often on the scope of the business outfit, in question. For companies for whom IT remains a relatively minor feature, not too much strategy ideation will be required. For modernising companies, however, having a vCIO on-board can be the difference between profit and loss.

Finance Options

Traditionally, IT has been one of the biggest financial outlays for a company. The reality, though, is that it doesn’t have to be that way – it’s just that most people don’t know that. With our finance options, we can help by offering a range of payment plans rather than one rigid, inflexible option.

Instead of being burdened by large one-off costs, we can procure competitive finance payment plans as well as the leasing of equipment rather than buying it. Not only does this leave a company better off financially, it’s more flexible in the longer-term as well. These options mean that your IT can work around you as opposed to the other way around.

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