Nutbourne has announced the launch of a newly designed website. The redesign reflects the company’s growth and modern approach to business, as well its role as information provider and support for our clients. 

The site,, is also cleaner, simpler and easier to navigate, a fact that Managing Director Marcus Evans says reflects Nutbourne’s desire to move with the times. “The redesigned site is much easier on the eye and far better suited to the size and scale of our operation. As we’ve grown as an IT services company, we’ve needed to take an increasingly professional approach. This site facilitates that approach, entirely.

“Added to that is the need of current and prospective clients to find information quickly and simply, which was something our old site did not offer. The redesigned version is easy to navigate and much more intuitive – it’s a modern site for a modern IT solutions company.”

Marcus added that Nutbourne’s desire to communicate more effectively with clients and stakeholders meant that the site redesign was necessary, especially given the emphasis the company is placing on content within the coming months.

“Effective communication is part and parcel of the modern business approach. We see ourselves not only as a managed services provider but also as an information provider and educator. We’re ramping up our approach to content this year and we needed a site that was able to grow and adapt with that process.

“Above all, we wanted to provide a good user experience for clients, stakeholders and all other visitors to the site. As we move into the second half of the year and into slightly unknown business territory, we’re in a position to do that, and to continue to provide high level IT support and cybersecurity solutions to those that need it.”

So, if you’d like to find out more about Nutbourne’s services, then get in touch! Contact us today on 0203 137 7273.