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Failures before Success – YDF Entrepreneurs Event

Posted on 13/05/2013 by Marcus Evans

Institute of Directors

Entrepreneurs hardly need to be told that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are a vital part of the UK economy and that the road to success is never straightforward. In this event you will hear from a panel of business people about how their experiences of failed businesses have delivered lessons that have eventually led to success.

We encourage you to come armed with questions and ready to engage in lively debate with the panel.
To sign up for the event Please click here. You MUST PRE REGISTER VIA THE IOD LINK TO ATTEND.

Cost £28.00

Our Panel

Matthew Siddell 
Matthew started "Kin" with a donated PC, a donated fax machine and 2 spare desks in the basement of a friend’s office. Kin was an exciting genealogy business which traced lost or unknown heirs to unclaimed inheritance, all over the world. Matthew grew the business to a team of aroound 45 staff and over the course of 6 years united heirs with inheritances exceeding £125m in value. He has since started Opulen, a firm involved in a number of projects including property, IT and legal services.

Martin Port 
A technology pioneer, Martin founded Masternaut, one of the first UK companies to offer software-as-a-service, through its web-based vehicle tracking solutions. Martin took Masternaut from a small startup in 2002 to become one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses, with places in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In November 2009, Martin sold Masternaut to Hub Telecom. Now owner and Managing Director of Micronet Europe, World Leader in rugged Mobile Computers. Recently he became a Director and shareholder in R2C Online, the market leading asset management platform. His latest venture is BigChangeAppsCentre, which partners with companies that have a proven track record in developing high end platforms and software applications for the Micronet range of mobile computers.

Peter Whent 
Peter is a serial technology entrepreneur. Over the last twenty years he has started three businesses spanning a range of technology sectors from electronic document distribution to mobile telephony. He has also worked with a range of investors, from angels to well-known venture capital and private equity firms such as Apax, Cazenove and Kleinwort Benson. All four of Peter’s businesses were eventually sold to trade buyers for a combined total of more than $100 million. For the last five years Peter has been leading a turnaround of a private equity owned technology company in the e-commerce sector. Having taken the business from the brink of insolvency to financial health and sustainable profitability, Peter says he has an itch to return to his entrepreneurial roots and get involved in something more early stage.

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