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Is it really possible to strike a good work / life balance when working on a new start-up?

Posted on 04/10/12 by Marcus Evans

Following our Hot Topics debate earlier this week, discussions have started to materialise about how to strike up a good work/life balance, especially when working on a brand new shiny start-up. Have you suffered from the silent treatment? Has starting a new business from scratch cost you relationships? Or have start-ups created relationships? Does the hard work result in a good life/work balance? Can you find that work/life balance?

The main point of this blog is: can starting a start-up be socially endearing?

The people who have made it, would argue yes. Richard Branson is hardly shy of female attention. But yet again, not every start-up would travelled in a hot air balloon and have bold ambitions of space travel. Starting out can be very difficult. An article asking ‘can you have a girlfriend and a new start-up at the same time’ provoked a healthy debate on Quora which led to wide sharing and discussion across social channels.

"Good work life balance is important, never neglect your private life or risk burn out. A business partner can shoulder some start-up burden or you could try and tap into an existing work stream for a boost and shortcut initial marketing and sales preparatory work, allowing you more personal time."

Marcus Evans, Commercial Director, Nutbourne Ltd

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