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The next generation

Posted on 28/8/2019 by Tom Holmes

Nutbourne prides itself on organic growth and providing opportunities for people to learn and progress their careers. As part of that approach, we have a thriving internship scheme through which we employ undergraduates from Universities around London.

This year we’re delighted to welcome Laurentiu Maties (Lauri for short), a Computer science with Games Technology undergrad from CIty University. Lauri joins Nutbourne as part of his University’s Professional Pathways Scheme, which offers students the opportunity to gain professional experience alongside their studies. We caught up with Lauri to see how he’s found the placement so far.

Tell us a little about yourself

From a young age, I was really into IT and computers and knew that this was the direction I was going in. That's one thing that I was really confident about, which helped me.  My university offers a Professional Pathway scheme, which prepares students for work. So rather than a regular internship – where you make tea, file papers and run errands – they ensure getting benefit from working at the organisation you’re placed with. I knew it was going to right for me.

Generally speaking, it’s a great scheme, because I think you learn so much more by doing things. I’m here four days a week term time and five days during the summer, and I’m learning so much.


So, what are you working on at the moment? Has it been an eye-opener?

Ha, ha yeah, it definitely is a big step from being a barista to working in an office. But I'm enjoying it and I think I'm coping quite well with it. Right now I'm doing various things. I'm working in the quoting department. Clients come to us with requests about projects to be made, projects to be done. For most of them, I will have to scope out what needs to be done and what they need, give them options, and put all of that in a quote and send it over. I liaise with them on budgets or whatever they need to push back on.


That’s quite a lot of exposure, isn’t it?

Yeah, 100%. I was quite surprised by the amount of exposure that they've given me straight off the bat. It's the sort of thing where, they would introduce me to some statistics and some spreadsheets that normally in your typical business, I wouldn't have to learn, it wouldn't be any of my business. Whereas, everything here is like a sandbox; it's like ‘this is everything you can look into if you're interested.

And actually, just to give an example of that, it was recently that there were some talks about a project at a client's site that required some people from the quoting team to inspect and scope out what needs to be done. It sounded interesting and so I asked to go. My manager was perfectly fine with that because he always teaches me and says that the more I learn the more useful I become as a resource for the department and for the business.

How does your work correlate to your studies?

It's interesting because a lot of things I'm learning at university are definitely helping to enforce what I'm learning here, and vice versa. However, I'm learning much more here than I would be in a university, simply because it's very modern and very up-to-date; we're constantly pushing out new things.

University is a lot of theory, not much practise. So it's not as specific. Then obviously at the University, I'm also doing more development, which I'm not doing any of here. The University and Nutbourne complement each other to help me build a well-rounded skillset.


Where do you see yourself in three years time?

Three years from now I would like to get into web development. I'm quite ambitious and I have a lot of things planned for the future. For me, it's about becoming a dependable person, a reliable person. Whether that would mean becoming the CEO and starting my own company, like a web development startup or whatnot, I'm not sure. As of now, that's the sort of thing I want to do. I also understand that things can change over time, so I'm not set straight.

On the whole, I feel as though this experience is a good opportunity for me to learn and to head in the right direction. I’m really grateful for the opportunity.




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