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Posted on 15/8/2019 by Tom Holmes

In our last post, we discussed the importance of dreaming big, how setting goals gave the company direction and what it means for the company to be heading toward a huge goal.

This week we pick up where we left off, with Nutbourne MD Marcus Evans alluding to where Nutbourne is heading and how it will give the company a major boost…

So what’s your BHAG?

It’s not common knowledge yet so I can’t share right now– but those who do know are excited by it. The goal we have is going to take this company to the next level and raise the bar on what we thought possible and achievable for the business. Within the next 5 to 7 years we are aiming to have achieved it and the company presentation on it will take place on Friday the 13th of September, an auspicious date I’ll think you’ll agree.

Sounds intriguing…

One of the exciting aspects is the energy we think this creates within the organisation. Someone said to me that when you stretch a rubber band it creates energy and the same applies to the people in your company – when you stretch them they become energised. I’m excited to see how we as a group of people respond to the challenge and how that develops the teams and the individuals within them, and what that looks like in turn for the company.

The idea that this is slightly out of reach is typical of Nutbourne to a certain degree, isn’t it?

Nutbourne has consistently punched above its weight and continues to. That’s taken us from plucky new kid on the block to consolidated player in the market. And I think to really grow – and I mean really grow – we have to channel some of that spirit into a goal, a vision that is beyond what we’ve ever thought possible.  We aren’t underdogs or plucky new kids on the block anymore, but we have strong spirit and determination and a commitment to doing things right – and those are the qualities I think you’re getting at.

They are indeed. So, do you think you’ll hit your goal?

Well, I wouldn’t have set it if I didn't think it was possible – so yes, absolutely. It’s not going to be easy, but I think we’ll do it – and I think the real reward will be the type of organisation we end up becoming whilst taking the journey.

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