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First port of call

Posted on 4.7.2019 by Tom Holmes

The Dispatch team at Nutbourne is something of a crack unit. While not exactly the A-Team – its methods are less explosive - its role in the organisation is none the less as vital to effective workflow as Face, Murdoch et al were to fighting crime.

The department was created as part of a wider restructure of Nutbourne’s helpdesk, aimed at prioritising work, expediting resolutions and reducing bottlenecks. The team takes initial calls from clients, gathers information and passes to the relevant engineer or technician to fix.

“The decision to restructure was motivated by the fact that when you have 8 analysts it all becomes a bit of a free for all as to who should answer the phone,” says MD Marcus Evans.

“The service desk manager realised that when we got to 10 this would just get worse, so he turned to the ITIL framework for a solution. This suggests a routing team, which is what Dispatch was on paper. In reality, they are so much more, sifting tickets, solving simple problems themselves and becoming a great training team for the analyst team above.”

On the ground, it’s made a major difference too. Workflow has improved drastically and efficiency has improved.  It’s also given the Dispatch team an opportunity to hone their technical skill and the opportunity to explore other parts of the business. Analyst Denis Zema –having cut his teeth on Dispatch - is a good example of that.

"The helpdesk team noticed the difference from day one,” says Denis, referring to the team as a whole and not just himself.  “The volume of calls they have to take has reduced, they can focus more on pressing matters and deal with what they do best – which is technical support.

“For me personally it was a brilliant introduction to the business. It’s given me a solid understanding of how things are done and by whom, and enabled me to take the next step in my career with Nutbourne as an Analyst.”

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