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Return of the Mack...

Posted on 19/6/2019 by Tom Holmes

It was the Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran who said: “if you love someone, let them go – for if they return they were always yours.”

It was with a heavy heart that we waved goodbye to Matt Mckay in late April for pastures new, and it was with loving and open arms that we welcomed him back a full 10 days later.

“I left. I had a leaving do, a new job to go, the lot,” says Matt. “I got a call from Marcus two days after leaving to see if I wanted to take a new role on the account management team. And I did. It was a no-brainer really.”

“Never before have Khalil Gibran's words felt so apt,” adds Nutbourne MD Marcus Evans. “Nor have they ever been segued under a headline referencing 90s rapper Mark Morrison. But nothing surprises me these days.

“But in all seriousness, we’re delighted to welcome Matt home. He’s a super guy and someone that is so invested in the company’s culture and ethos. It’s good to have him back on board.”

“Now where are my shades?”

* puts on shades, picks up mic*

“Return of the Mac, here it is,

Return of the Mac, come on,

Return of the Mac,

You know that I’d be back.”

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