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In transition

Posted on 11.4.19 by Tom Holmes

Change is the forerunner to progress; you can’t after all expect to get different results from the same systems, processes and methods that have built your business. One that wishes to move from a small to a medium-sized enterprise not only has to talk the talk but walk the walk also.

“What Nutbourne has achieved is a major accomplishment,” says new service desk manager Alex Bartoletti. “Most MSPs and IT companies are really IT organised but can’t sell. Here they can really sell and the growth they’ve achieved in the last 5 years is testament to that.

“That in itself creates a challenge though. The company has gone from a small one that does everything in a Nutbourne way, with a set of core values, to a bigger one that needs to adapt and refine its processes and systems to meet the demands of that growth.”

It’s a challenge that Alex has been brought in to solve, and one that he’s relishing. He’s inherited an effective service desk, being worked by a range of smart and diverse people, that, long term, he hopes to empower through the use of a modular client management system.

“Right now we need to get the team to where they can deliver what’s required,” he says. “The next stage from that is making them autonomous, getting a service desk that can work itself and that knows where to get its information; for example, we know when a client’s going to come on we know that a certain set of things are going to happen and we know where to go to look for them.

“In order to achieve that we need to use a modular service approach, which we use as building blocks to address client needs. For example, we will know what the onboarding process will look like for certain types of client so could build a suite of services to suit them, and bolt additional services on in due course.

“Once you get the first couple right it's a case of adding blocks. When the company wants to add extra clients it’s a case of using the right blocks and building.

“This kind of approach ultimately gets us to the next stage of growth - which is moving away from the idea of just a break-fix organisation towards a managed service provider.”

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