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Pastures New

Posted on 28/3/2019 by Tom Holmes

Once you become part of the Nutbourne family, you never really leave – even if you do actually go on to seek gainful employment elsewhere, which some people obviously do!

On that note, we wanted to wish Matt Mckay all the best for his new venture over at a law firm, where he’ll be providing in-house support to the team of legal eagles that work there. Having spent exactly one year to the day at Nutbourne, Matt leaves having undergone an impressive learning curve, which he says has given him the confidence to pursue the next step in his career.

“When I began, I had virtually no experience. From the guys out there and the exposure I’ve had I feel like I’ve grown in skill, knowledge and understanding. The learning curve was steep and I’ve come a really long way in 12 months - and Nutbourne has contributed so much to that.

“This career path was a career change for me, so to be in this environment and to work in this way has proved invaluable. To have the confidence to move on and go back in house is a mark of how much I’ve changed in 12 months. If it wasn’t for Nutbourne, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

‘It’s great to see people develop and to take on the next challenge in their career,” said Managing Director Marcus Evans. “Of course we’re always sad to see people go, but just as happy to see them fulfil their potential.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Matt and we wish him all the best in his new job – we’re all rooting for you buddy.”


I wrote this story three weeks ago and Matt is already back. He is now an Account Manager at Nutbourne having found it too difficult to leave and there being an opportunity to work back here. You couldn’t keep him away.

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