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Right place, right time

Posted on 19/3/2018 by Tom Holmes

Fabio Salis has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. Some would say it’s down to fortune, but in the case of Fabio, to say so would be unfair. You make your own luck after all.

By his own admission, Fabio has led a nomadic life. Born in Brazil and raised in Italy, he found himself in London almost 7 years ago in search of work. Having never really known what he wanted to do, he held a variety of jobs – electrician, barista, waiter, door-to-door salesman – none of which suited. He was on the verge of returning to Italy when he got his break in IT.

“I don’t know if it was luck, coincidence or whatever, but my housemate at the time had 20 years experience as an IT manager. He was working in a warehouse as an operative when they fired their IT manager and gave my housemate a shot at the job. He needed some help, so long story short, I interviewed and got my first job in IT, without any real experience.”

The lack of professional experience didn’t stand in his way. Having built his first PC at the age of 14 he was ‘ahead of the curve’ as a user and possessed advanced personal knowledge; his first job was about honing those skills to be applied professionally, an opportunity he seized.

“I worked that job for three years and then decided to take a sabbatical.  I was about to go back to Italy when I got a call from Nutbourne, out of the blue. They found my CV online and saw that I had the right experience and was living 10 minutes from the office. It was the perfect opportunity.”

Indeed it was. It’s almost 5 months into the job and Fabio is setting his sights on the next challenge with Nutbourne. Given his blend of life experience, affinity for computers and professional expertise you can see that his being here is less about luck and more about being a good fit. It’s highly likely he’ll succeed in his ambition.

“For me, it’s perfect, the opportunity, the exposure, the possibilities for my career growth and everything that comes with it really work for me. In my first job, I learn a lot of skills for the professional side of the job and I am refining those now; in this company, I don’t think I’m too far from 2nd line – my knowledge is increasing. I’m learning 10 times faster than I was, I want to get to 2nd line by the end of the year.

“Put it this way, I don’t plan to return to Italy any time soon.”    

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