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Leave your comfort zone

Posted on 31/1/2019 by Tom Holmes

Leaving your comfort zone every once in a while is good for your soul and good for personal growth, which is something Nutbourne’s Kittie Story knows only too well.

Having swapped the world of theatre casting for the busy, fast-paced world of IT, she admits to being like the proverbial fish out of water when she joined as office manager in July.

But, six months on it’s a different story. “I was massively out of my comfort zone when I joined and there have definitely been challenges in that respect,” Kittie says. “It’s very different to what I have done, very fast paced and a new industry.

“It’s a learning experience and I’ve picked up so much in the last six months – probably more than in any other job I’ve had. I’m doing a bit of everything – contract management, recruitment and office management – it’s good fun.

“I feel like I’ve settled and really gotten to know the company. I’m not so far out of my comfort zone now!”

She adds that the culture of the organisation has helped her to settle and adjust to the new environment. Taking responsibility for the company’s social events helped her to understand Nutbourne’s ethos and to get to know her colleagues, and is part of her role that she relishes.

“As office manager I am responsible for the culture to a certain degree. Learning what people like and what they want to do – because it can’t always be about drink – is a fun challenge and it’s nice to be a part of building the company ethos and culture. It’s a really important part of what makes this place tick.”

The future holds more challenges too, and Kittie expects to be out of her comfort zone a lot more, which is something she’s looking forward to. Long term her aim is to put her own marker on things and to build on the processes and procedures that are already in place.

 “Nutbourne is expanding and my role will be expanding too. There’s so much more for me to do, to learn and to experience. I’m looking forward to seeing how the company develops, and to seeing how I develop with it!”

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