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Posted on 04/06/2014 by Marcus Evans

Sometimes it’s tough to decide how to direct your efforts amongst the many avenues that bring work to your business. You and your sales team only have a finite amount of time, and it feels like you should maximise what works well for you and direct your efforts at that. After all it’s working already!

If all your work if coming from networking then logically putting more effort into this, and more hours, is guaranteed to get better results!


Sometimes you have peaked in a specific area and although you may still get gains from more effort and time invested, they will be lower than before and disproportionate to the effort. In comparison starting on a new area or new market may yield far better results for the time invested. It’s a tough call to make but diversity in working sources is key. As mentioned in a previous post if you only have a single portfolio area you’re asking for trouble should it slow down.

The only way to work out if you have saturated an area of sale is to look how much time you are putting in and the results you are achieving. If you have a cold caller making ten meetings a month it is logical to think that 2 will make you 20. Hold on for a second though. You then need twice as much data, and more controls in place to ensure they aren’t calling the same people. Maybe your target market is companies over 100 in London. Well there can’t be that many of them and after the second, third or fifth telemarketer you might find that another will not give you anything more. Even though on the surface a new telesales person would be good you have to check all the factors.

To find new work you have to try as many areas of finding work as possible. Also keep at any new area for at least six months. Some of the networking or partnerships take years to develop. If you give up after a month it would look like a wasted effort, but given a year it just might be your best client.

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