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Constant Evolution

Posted on 10/01/2019 by Tom Holmes

The seamless and mutual growth of both employee and their department is a rare achievement in business, but it is one that Nutbourne and its Client Account Manager Ross Jones can boast.

Having joined the company in 2015 from a non-IT background, Ross initially shadowed Managing Director Marcus Evans on the commercial side of the business.

It was during this period that the need for a Client Account Manager became apparent; the role was created, and Ross hasn’t looked back. Since then he has gone from overseeing a handful of clients in 2015 to just over 60 at the end of 2018 - a shift which has seen him take on arguably the most diverse role in the company.

“My role has changed a lot in three years,” he says, ”but without me really noticing. I’ve become the watcher of everything. I have arguably the largest overview of the company. I oversee the majority of the clients and I have a range of clients and there are different challenges for each.”

Meeting those challenges has required Ross to adjust his approach based on each client’s needs. Some want greater levels of detail and formality, while others are more relaxed. He believes that’s what has helped him to develop.

“One of my strengths is that I’m able to talk to anyone, at any level and I adjust my approach accordingly. Some meetings are informal and some are much more formal, but you have to adjust and also think quickly on your feet to deal with situations, which is something I’ve gotten better at.

“I’ve learnt a lot of the technical aspects of IT as well, which wasn’t easy. I spend a lot of time listening to the guys and learning bits. You start at zero and build your credibility up and go from there.”

As Nutbourne continues to grow, so too will Ross’s role. He expects that in the next year or two another client manager will need to join the company to assist with the growing client roster. His remit and outlook will also evolve to meet the business’s demands.

“We need to bring all client stakeholders from our company together to ensure we’re delivering a unified approach and to ensure we’re delivering value. Having that one voice is critical - to an extent, I am the voice of the company to our clients.

 “We need to make sure that what we’re saying is connected and aligned to deliver an impeccable service. We’re always aiming to improve in that respect because we want to give more value. We need to always show lots of value, as much as we can.”

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