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Safe and secure

Posted on 13/12/2018 by Tom Holmes

Nutbourne has been certified under the Cyber Essentials initiative, the government-backed scheme that encourages SMEs to take on the same security practices found at enterprise level. The certification, which demonstrates a company’s commitment to cyber security, is designed to offer enhanced protection in an frequently evolving cyber environment.

“Cyber Essentials has a tonne of benefits, especially with everything changing and evolving and attacks being targeted toward small and medium sized enterprises,” says Nutbourne’s Dan Gregory, who oversaw the self-assessment process. 

“Attackers know that SMEs might not have enterprise level security but will hold almost identical data – as such they’re easier to target. Cyber Essentials gets you thinking about your procedures and policies, which is something that a lot of organisations take for granted. Overall it’s been a good process – it gives us reassurance that our systems and data are protected and it shows our clients that we’re protecting their data too.”

Although Cyber Essentials isn’t legislation, it is considered a good step toward GDPR, which is legislated. In the event of a breach, those that are certified under Cyber Essentials can prove there are parameters in place to protect data. To that end, Nutbourne is recommending that its clients go through the process

“If you have Cyber Essentials it's proof you’re taking security seriously,” Dan added. “We will roll this out as a service to our clients in the future because we believe it is an excellent foundation for building a robust cyber security platform.

“It is simple, but very effective and will prevent many of the most common attacks that we see.”

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