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Coming of age

Posted on 4/12/2018 by Tom Holmes

“How has the company changed since I started?” asks Louise Taylor, reflecting on her two years with Nutbourne. “There are the obvious things like size and location, and then there are the less obvious things like the level of maturity it has reached. Looking back it’s really grown into itself, it’s really come of age.”

Louise has played an important role in that coming of age. She’s overseen the introduction of systems and processes that underpin the company’s growth, improved rigour across the board and been responsible for recruiting some of the organisation’s key players. Her contribution, by her own admission, is not as instantly recognisable as those on the front line solving tickets - but it is no less important.

“The processes, procedures and systems are what you would expect from a company of this size; when I joined, aspects of those processes, procedures and systems were missing or not as well refined as they could have been. We were doing things right, we were just not as stringent as we could have been. But that’s down to the fact that we are now bigger, and we have to look under the skin of the organisation. I’ve tried to rectify much of that.”

She adds that the organisation is now more people focused and that the diversity in the company means that teams actually integrate far better; she thinks that is helped in part by the presence of a core group of people who have been with Nutbourne from the start and in part by the fact the company is primed for growth.

“It’s grown so quickly that it’s unrecognisable. Yet at the core, you still have Marcus, Pat, Paul, Awais, Qasim, Ross and Sam who have all been here a long time - and that applies to a good proportion of the clients too. A lot of those are original. And then you have the systems, processes and procedures that are all new. But these are scalable now. We have physical room for people and the system we can grow into. Everything can be grown into now instead of about to be grown out of.”

As Louise prepares to leave Nutbourne and fulfil her dream of emigrating to New Zealand, she’s frank in her assessment of the company’s achievements. “Do I think it has changed for the better?” she asks. “Yes definitely. What we are doing and how we are doing it is better.

“We are better and bigger players in the market for sure.”

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