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The value of complementary skillsets

Posted on 7/11/2018 by Tom Holmes

The most sustainable approach to business growth is to develop your own talent and to hire from within. But as Sir Alex Ferguson knew with the class of ’92 if David Beckham et al were to progress and challenge for honours, he’d need to add some outside skill and experience. Enter Peter Schmeichel and Eric Cantona.

The same applies in business too. Nutbourne has an exceptional track record for developing and retaining staff from apprentices upwards. But as the company moves into a new phase of growth, it requires additional knowledge and expertise from outside the organisation.

“You need to complement what you have internally with talent externally,” says Nutburne’s Marcus Evans. “You can’t expose people to situations that the company hasn’t been in yet; the only way you can get to the next step is to bring someone in that knows how to get there. Otherwise, you’re just fiddling around in the dark – if you have someone that has a roadmap of how to do it, it saves time and money.”

A case in point is Nutbourne’s recently hired Service Desk Manager. The company wanted someone of high calibre and to raise the standard of person they were recruiting for the role. With that came additional experience, knowledge and the ability to focus on improving and optimising standards and processes through extra rigour.

“It became clear that during the interview process that we were getting very professional people; people that were secure in their tenure, they’d worked for bigger organisations and they had a certain gravitas,” adds Marcus.

“The candidate we hired is coming in at the top table and will help to shape the company, which is very exciting – it’s why we were looking for someone with more experience and who has worked with bigger companies and knows how they run so that they can bring that to the table.”

"There is a second reason to blend internal excellence with new skills too. Sometimes we get comfortable in how we work, complacent in our systems. Someone new can be a breath of fresh air, bringing in new ways of doing things, new ideas. This combines with helping us work out what's ahead and just bolsters the team in getting to where we are going quicker and more effectively."

Posted in Business, Personnel, Strategy

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