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How we roll

Posted on 13/9/2018 by Tom Holmes

Healthy competition is good for the workplace as is socialising – so combining the two on a recent night out at the local bowling alley was a win-win for the staff at Nutbourne. Teams lead by Managing Director Marcus Evans, Technical Director Pat Burgess and IT Solutions Architect Paul Grogan faced off. It was quite the match.

“My team won by four points,” said all-star bowler Marcus Evans, who’s personal score of 150 squeezed Pat’s team into second place. Not that he’s competitive of course. “Pat was second and if he’d personally scored a few more points his team might have won. Paul’s team lost – the less said about that the better,” he added, tongue firmly in cheek.

Bragging rights aside, there’s an important aspect to socialising outside of work, and it’s a part of the company culture the management team has worked hard to cultivate.

 “We try and have a number of events each year and have just started to put a calendar together for the year ahead, to make sure as many people can come as possible,” Marcus said.

“Events are really important for any company. The bonding over shared activities outside of work reaps benefits in the office and helps to create a team spirit. They also allow us to enjoy our lunch more, surrounded by people we know.

 “It also helps Pat to practice at other sports,” Marcus concluded - tongue again firmly in cheek.

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