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Personal Growth

Posted on 12/7/2018 by Tom Holmes

Nutbourne’s Elliott Fields professes to having a standard background in IT, though his modesty is betrayed by his enthusiasm and love for learning. It is, after all, how he came to work at Nutbourne.

“I had been contracting for a few years but felt that my career wasn’t progressing in the way I’d like,” he says. “I wanted to develop my skill set, to work on new projects and in areas that I’m interested in.

“I’m glad I made the decision to move. I want to fill the knowledge gaps I have here. My desire to learn wasn’t easily supported in my previous companies. Since joining Nutbourne, I’ve been able to work directly with people like Patrick (Nutbourne’s Technical Director) and learn. That exposure is invaluable.”

The role Elliott has now supports his love of learning. He says that the company’s ethos and culture are noticeably different to other IT companies he’s worked for. Management has technical knowledge, there’s a lot of on the job learning and the flexibility to take on new projects. The standards are higher too, he adds.

“In the 10 months I’ve worked for Nutbourne, I’ve learnt a lot, and there’s always more you can know, more you can understand. I feel a lot more confident now.

“Our first line support team here is a very high standard and are as knowledgeable at the second line elsewhere. We operate at a higher level. That aspect of the company applies across the board and really helps you to learn and to do your job well. You have the access and support here, which is invaluable.”

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