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Posted on 25/06/2014 by Clare Evans

We spoke to our employee Aaron Paterson, who since his apprenticeship with us has been working for Nutbourne for over a year. In this interview Aaron tells us about his first experiences as an apprentice and how the scheme has helped him to develop in the sector and work environment.

1. How did you enter into the apprenticeship?

I was looking for my first IT job after leaving school and applied for the Just IT scheme through the I was sent forward and after my first interview I got the apprenticeship place at Nutbourne.

2. Can you describe your experience in the first few weeks?

For me it was an adapting stage. It was a bit of a shock to the system working in an office, and although the IT wasn’t a problem I had to get used to the customer service.

3. How you think you developed throughout the scheme?

The first three to six months were a teething stage, where I was getting comfortable talking to clients on the phone. Around six months though I became much more confident, and the guidance and support I received from the team really helped me develop. They were always fair and wanted to teach me instead of taking over, even if I was initially slower.

4. When you were offered a permanent position how did you feel, and what made you want to carry on in the role?

I had come to like the company and working with everyone. I also wanted to be loyal to Nutbourne and see the company grow.

5. How are you currently finding the experience and environment?

I’ve come leaps and bounds since the start, and I’m now finding my tasks considerably easier. But importantly I’m happy to have improved my relevant skills in and outside of work.

6. What are your future plans?

I want to continue in IT and specialise in a field, I’d like to work in networking.

7. And finally, what do you think the benefits are of an apprenticeship?

Definitely the experience of training whilst earning money. You can develop your soft skills, and it’s a good opportunity for people who don’t go to university to gain extra learning support.

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