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You’re Hired: The Apprentice

Posted on 28.6.2018 by Tom Holmes

Apprenticeships offer tremendous value to any organisation, helping to grow the business with young, motivated employees who are keen to learn and develop their careers. In Sam Green, Nutbourne has a shining example of what an apprenticeship brings to an organisation. Having joined the company at 16 as a support technician, he’s helped Nutbourne to grow, while at the same progressing his career. Now 19, and with three promotions under his belt, he puts his progress down to two factors.

“When Nutbourne was smaller, there was scope to work with nearly everyone – and you still do to a certain degree,” he says. “When you are exposed to so much knowledge you pick up a lot; I do not doubt that if I were elsewhere, I would not have as much knowledge or made as much progress as I have.

“The way the company works encourages learning too. Rather than just passing a problem up to the second line, you are encouraged to sit with your seniors and learn how they solve it (if you have time) or, once the problem is solved, ask them to explain how they did so. This approach makes you better at your job. You can deal with problems efficiently and effectively.”

The freedom to figure problems out, he adds, is in the fabric of the company. When he was promoted to the second line support desk, Sam was partnered with senior technicians and given the support to work on higher -level problems. In a busy environment that emphasises quality and quantity, it’s an approach that elicits fast learning and adaptation. It’s not been lost on Sam.

“The culture has helped my professional growth. I haven’t been afraid to go and ask questions because it never felt like a problem to go and talk to someone; that gives you confidence. It helps that the leadership team is visible and honest. We always know where the company is heading and, just as importantly, that there is scope to develop (in your career).”

Sam’s is a genuine success story, predicated on hard work and a supportive environment. It’s fitting that both company and individual have progressed so much in such a short space of time. Asked how much he saw his own growth reflected in the company, Sam is effusive, reaffirming the value of the apprenticeship to himself and to Nutbourne.

“I’ve seen the company grow massively. When I started, Marcus and Pat said it was a growing company – and that’s what you expect and want to hear. But when you arrive and see that new clients and staff are coming on, you know it’s true.

“It feels as though I couldn’t have chosen a better company to start with.”

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