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Attention to detail

Posted on 9/5/2018 by Tom Holmes

When you’re running a business, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Lost in the daily running of the organisation, it’s hard to keep an eye on the bigger picture and to analyse the minutiae of the systems and processes that keep the company ticking over. It’s where someone like Louise Taylor comes in.

“The team is very busy with technical aspects of the job. I’m not, so I see the broader aspects of the systems and processes that are in place. I can see where things are working well and where they could be improved. I take care of the small but crucial aspects of the business – the 1%’s that add up over time.”

Since taking over what she calls a ‘soft policing’ of Nutbourne’s ticketing system, Louise has made improvements to response times, the way problems are flagged and monitored, and the tone of the conversation between the support desk and the client; it’s improved efficiency across the board.

“I can see those problems and the value in the fixes,” she says. “What I’m good at is systems and processes. I see gaps and want to plug them, I see inefficiencies that I want to fix – and that’s why I don’t mind pointing out things that are going wrong or ways in which certain processes are handled.”

The incremental improvements over time have a double-edged value in that they’re a means for improvement and also a preventative measure. Over time these stack up to form a robust organisation that can grow and improve in the ways it wants to. But is there ever an end?

“I don't stop!” Louise adds. “There are things that always need to be improved and refined, and as the company grows that’s going to increase. It’s important and I think necessary to carry out this work.

“I’m someone that gets things done, and I guess you need someone like me in every organisation.”

Posted in SME, Business, Business Strategy, Growth

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