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Opportunity knocks

Posted on 30/04/2018 by Tom Holmes

Planning an office move in the middle of a huge sales drive is never going to be ideal, but then few things are in life or business according to Nutbourne’s Marcus Evans. What matters, he says, is how you deal with them.

“You have to see the opportunities in these things,” Marcus says. “Sometimes the situation works out better for you in the long run, and in ways you hadn’t expected.”

For context, in September last year, the landlord at Nutbourne’s previous office in Stratford activated a break-clause, which meant the company would have to vacate the premises by March.

“At that point, it was plain sailing. We knew where our office was, we knew where we wanted the business to be, we had the staff in place and the sales push ready to rock and then suddenly an office move for 30 people lands in our laps – which is difficult to sort. So really what this proves is that you can never really plan for what’s going to happen in business.”

Six months on and Nutbourne has moved offices. They now occupy a single floor, with room to grow, are paying less in rent and are only a mile or so from the previous office. A few opportunities have sweetened the move too.

“It would have been very easy to complain about our lot,” Marcus adds. “We had to move 30 people and spend £18k on an office fit out. But, we saw this as a chance to move the company on.

“The landlord here sells office products and large print devices – we’ve recommended them to a couple of our clients and they’ve recommended us to some of the clients they have – and we’ve quoted for their IT support. But there’s a bigger picture.

“Now that we are in 3,200 sq ft this is serious for us; we don’t anticipate that we’re going to increase the headcount, but there is room for another 10. We’re going to consolidate the growth, improve everyone’s skills and sell like demons because we can now deliver – we can bolt on another 10 clients and we’d be fine with the existing staff.

“This is where the new pyramid base is for us – and we’re building from here, from this new office. This is where we begin to make the transition from medium to large, which is a far longer and more iterative process.

“It’s always worth keeping in mind that when one door closers another opens. There’s always something to be made from every situation.”    

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