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Power to the people

Posted on 12/3/2018 by Tom

The most rewarding part of any job is the people you work with, especially if you’re an employer. Creating an environment that supports the growth of the individuals and the company is the perfect scenario for SME owners and one that Nutbourne has fostered.

In the last 12 months, the company has grown. More clients have come aboard, revenue has increased, and the number of staff employed has risen too. There’s also been an increase in responsibility for the second line management, a team of four that take charge of core business units. These sit under the steering team of four, and mean Nutbourne has eight leaders on the ground. It’s a step that has given Nutbourne a new dynamic, says Marcus Evans.

“We’ve empowered the account, operations, onsite and the service desk manager. In each of their roles, they have responsibility for their desk. It means when senior management is off, decisions are made, and the company runs much more smoothly.

“It’s allowed us to be more flexible and it means that daily decisions are made and taken at the appropriate levels. It gives people at that level responsibility and an opportunity to grow.”

The company runs far more smoothly now, Marcus says. There’s a strength in depth at the organisation and agility that come from a liberated decision-making process. Operations are streamlined, while service and delivery bottlenecks are almost non-existent. Of course, the most significant benefit is a strong and empowered workforce.

 “Within the company, we have a formidable set of skills, which allows us to make decisions and to learn as we go,” Marcus adds. “As the company grows, this structure and policy allows our staff to take on more responsibility if they want it.


“We employ 27 people. When we reach 40, the second line management will need support, so tertiary management roles open up. This gives some management experience to those in technical roles without taking the focus away from their primary function.


“Recruitment has been pivotal to this process. It has allowed us to reach our current position.  It means our succession planning is much more robust, for management and the technically minded people. The structure we’ve put in place helps us to identify each individual’s needs. We can concentrate on the growth of everyone in our organisation.


“It’s very much about having the right people in the right place.”



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