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Posted on 30/08/2014 by Clare Evans

Securing a place at university I was like many students highly optimistic about my future career. Attaining a degree would be all I needed to get me my dream job - or so I thought. With this comforting knowledge I happily drifted through my university life. However as I approached my final year, it became more apparent that having a degree in English literature wouldn’t necessarily help me in working towards ultimate success. With increasing pressure for students to obtain a high-level degree and competitive graduate schemes, I was daunted at the prospect of finding a suitable position that would match my skillset. 

By the time I’d finished my degree, I was still unsure as to what I really wanted to do. I was left with endless career options and yet at the same time was quite restricted, and though I wanted to work in a corporate environment I began to apply for any job I could find.  I then applied for a graduate scheme for a multinational company, and after numerous online tests and a video interview I was selected for an assessment centre. Again my optimism flared, and although I had interviews, a group exercise, presentation and test to prepare for, I was so excited to finally be on track to having an entry level role at a prestigious company. The process was indeed very stressful, and by the end of the assessment I knew that the large enterprise environment was too overwhelming for me, especially as I hadn’t worked in one before.

In the past though I had done some work in PR and marketing. Even with this on my CV it was difficult to find many entry level opportunities for those without a directly related qualification, especially outside of London, and I struggled to really find a role I would enjoy. As it transpired Nutbourne was a valuable option for me because they offered a varied marketing role where I could develop the company, whilst at the same time continually learn and improve my skills. I have been able to gain confidence and a diverse understanding of areas in business and IT services, but also the important values of high quality customer relations. Ultimately I feel lucky to have begun my career path with a friendly company where I feel like a valued member of the team, even if it wasn’t my expected route!

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