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Posted on 25/09/2014 by Marcus Evans

Sales and marketing are funny things. You often put lots of effort into a concept or function and get absolutely no feedback or new prospect engagement for what feels like an eternity. Then something suddenly clicks and you get a rush of engagement and struggle to keep up with the new work.

The other thing is that companies often don’t know what is working? Is it the networking? Is it the business shows? Is it the events? The cold calling? Word of mouth? A key reseller? Adverts in the paper? Data purchase?

The first half (the second being the actual mechanics of the sell) of having a successful sales function knows where its business is coming from and making sure you have more than one avenue. If you don’t know this and it dries up, what do you do? Getting new business is not luck, not long term anyway. You may be flat out with work from previous contacts but if you rely on this sooner or later you will go through a slow patch. Maybe some people are on holiday, or maybe you have been so busy delivering work you haven’t been pitching for new. Either way you are suddenly quiet and working capital gets tight.

Make sure you diversify and keep track of what you are spending your time on. Longer term this will ensure you have a much better pipeline and a more successful business.

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