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Team Challenge: Nutbourne Conquers Go Ape

Posted on 30/07/2015 by Clare Evans

This month our team tested their nerves with a trip to the tree tops at Go Ape in Trent Park. As part of our adventure we tackled swinging high ropes, rocking tunnels and challenging crossings, topped with a skateboard loaded zip wire!

Nestled in the park’s woodland, each site provided a wonderful view of the surrounding scenery, getting higher and higher till the grand finale – a 120 metre long zip line at the highest point of the course.

The most dreaded challenge was the Tarzan Swing, which some of us needed more encouragement to leap into than the daredevils amongst the team. But we all managed to make it safely across (with a few screams and stumbles along the way) and it was great that everyone helped and guided each other through the different obstacles.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this team building experience, and can’t wait to move onto our next Nutbourne adventure!


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