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A Day in the Life of a 1st Line Support Technician

Posted on 12/11/2014 by Thomas Little

 Admit it. When you think of 1st line support, your first thoughts probably aren’t of fame and glamour. I would imagine your mind will drift to the most recent episode of IT Crowd and the suitably geeky Moss talking about ‘turning it on and off again’. (Although I hate to admit that this is actually a good starting point). Despite this amusing overview, to say that the IT Crowd demonstrated the IT sector would be the same as saying Red Dwarf characterises NASA or Mad Men is what advertising companies do. There is actually a whole lot more hidden under the wires of the IT Support sector than may first be suspected. As one of the highest paying sectors within the UK, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth out of this career if it’s the route you take and every day brings new and unusual challenges.

Firstly, the idea that not much happens day to day on the desk is an extreme misconception, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve worked on and learnt over the past couple of months. As it is my first job Nutbourne has shown me just what IT support really means. I’ve had to familiarise myself with tons of different software and hardware, work on a large number of different sites with different needs and network types. This is on top of actively dealing with issues as they come in, and keeping as professional as possible with customers (which is a whole skillset in itself!). It’s tough, but it’s also very rewarding.

So far I’m not even two months in and I’ve only scraped the surface of what there is to learn and solve. The whole process is made a lot easier by the team I work with, who are always helpful and ready to explain things no matter how simple my problem may be. It’s not all work in the office either, despite the challenges day to day the environment itself is positive and friendly, and we still have a good laugh with each other. The table tennis matches are pretty fun too, although with the way people act you might think they were Nadal or Federer! If you’re into computing, the people you meet in the sector are also very easy to get along with.

My apprenticeship here lasts a year, and I can only think how much I’ll have improved and learnt by then. You see the results all the time. Suddenly all of the annoying problems I’ve had with my computer over the years, but didn’t know how to solve, are very obvious to me. I’ve even helped some of my friends with their issues as well. Keeping a professional manner and talking to new people every day has also improved my confidence in speaking. It becomes very easy to have debates with anyone when you’re used to talking with respectable figures in nearly every sector.

So next time you have an issue with your PC, do try turning it off and on again (It really works I promise!). Though if that doesn’t work, feel safe knowing that there will always be someone within 1st Line Support who knows exactly how to solve the issue. And if you are thinking of a job in this sector, go for it. Take it from me, you won’t regret it.

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