Does Your Business Need An IT Health Check?

Are your devices on the blink? Are your systems slow and laggy? Seeing the spinning wheel of doom too often? Answer these 5 questions to see how your business IT is performing.

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Do you have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Do you have Email Protection?

Are your systems slow and unresponsive?

Are your computers running the latest software?

Can your staff identify phishing attacks?


Why Does My Business Need An IT Health Check?

Turbo-Charge Your IT

The health check is like an MOT for your IT environment.

It identifies what problems you may have, however big or small, and shows you where fixes and improvements need to be made.

Where an MOT aims only to get your car roadworthy, our IT health check aims to
supercharge your IT and get you ahead of the pack.

It helps to tune up your IT infrastructure so it can function properly, then optimises systems and performance that prime you for growth.

Follow A Path

A scattergun approach doesn’t work in business. If you want to grow and evolve, you have to follow a plan that aligns with your overall strategy. Your IT is the same.

Following a roadmap ensures that your IT is improving all the time. It prioritises
improvements according to the needs of your business and develops your IT environment in line with future requirements. And because it’s planned in advance, there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Move Out Of The Break-Fix Cycle

Old IT support models were reactive. They’d wait for something to go wrong before fixing it.

That model doesn’t work in the modern business world. Who can afford frequent disruptions?

An IT health check sets you on a path to proactive IT support. By identifying areas that need optimising, changes, and improvements are made before issues arise.

It means fewer disruptions, and IT that runs like clockwork in the background. With fewer fixes, you have fewer costs.

Arm Yourself Against Attacks

Cyber threats are evolving, so your defences must evolve too.

In the modern business environment, IT security is more than just having a firewall and antivirus software installed – although they are helpful.

It’s as much about the systems, processes, and procedures you have in place to protect your data as it is about company culture.

Knowing how and where you are vulnerable is hard to identify. An IT health check shows you where your weaknesses are and prioritises fixing them.

It also outlines the changes you need to make and the steps you need to take to future-proof your IT environment – keeping your defences bolstered and your data secure.

What our customers say about us

“We are a charity and have been with Nutbourne for a few years now. Their support is always fast, efficient and reliable and they have always been able to be consciously aware of our tight budget. Their benchmark and roadmap feature has paved the way for us to improve our systems over a long-term period, with cost-efficient projects mapped out by Patrick and the team. I recommend them every chance I get!.” Business Owner - Charity

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Business Owner


Wow! We have tried other MSPs over the years but have found that Nutbourne has really educated and experienced technicians who know how to fix a problem before there is one. Aslam and Katie usually assist us and they are fast and well-equipped! Our Account Manager regularly checks in on us and we really enjoy the quarterly meetings. Well done Nutbourne.

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Our company is comprised of over 100 staff members and we require assistance with IT matters regularly. We are so happy with the service received from Nutbourne and their technicians. Everyone in the business is friendly and hands on. Working with an external provider like Nutbourne has really saved us the hassle of employing an internal IT department and dealing with overheads etc. We will be clients for years to come.

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Business owner


Unlike previous MSP’s we’ve used, Nutbourne is fast, efficient and reliable. Their engineers are clued up and friendly. I would recommend them to all business owners who require assistance with managing their IT.

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