To get the best performance from your cloud operating system, and to get the best value for money, opting for fully managed cloud services is the best way to go.

And here’s why…

You’ll benefit from technical know-how,  meaning that your cloud environment will be configured optimally. If you don’t have an IT department or work with an MSP, then you fall into this category. Setting up and configuring cloud environments so that they support your business in a way that is efficient and cost-effective isn’t as easy as it sounds. Moreover, a single mistake can be costly – both financially and operationally – affecting the performance of devices and your workforce, creating disruption and difficulty in the process. Finally, having your cloud configured by an expert ensures it performs optimally from the get-go.

With cybercrime always constantly evolving,  you need to ensure your cloud environment has robust security – something that a managed service can guarantee. Securing a hosting space isn’t straightforward. Like configuration, it requires specific know-how to set up and layer security to guarantee safety.

Equally, to stay secure 24/7 365  you have to stay on top of technical developments, update software, and patch systems – and your cloud environment is no different. A managed cloud provider takes care of that for you as standard, giving you peace of mind and reassurance – not to mention a tonne of time saved. On a similar note, dedicated technical support is an overlooked and underrated benefit of working with a managed provider – but it is worth its weight in gold. You aren’t likely to need it often, if at all – most support providers will be proactive and therefore prevent problems before they arise.

But, on the occasion that you do run into issues, having dedicated support to manage and fix the problem for you is a major bonus. You not only benefit from the expertise and an escalation process to ensure a resolution is found, you also avoid potentially costly overhauls or fixes, and major disruptions to your service.

What more could you want?

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