What Is Proactive IT Support & Why Is It Important?

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to IT. In the past, it was common for IT departments to fix faults and problems as they occurred. But, as the business landscape has become faster and more dynamic, any form of disruption is very costly – which is why the break-fix model is no longer useful. The approach now is for IT to be proactive – fixing faults before they arise, optimising systems and processes before they develop problems, and upgrading software, hardware, and machinery before they are outdated. This minimises disruption and keeps IT and the business running smoothly.

The approach is far more strategic, meaning it can be developed to meet the business where it is and scale to where it wants to go. It should do so almost unnoticed, supporting the rest of the company to perform its function seamlessly. Good proactive IT support monitors your system day-to-day, looking for potential problems and taking necessary action to stop them from disrupting your work. Alongside that, a proactive IT support company will be developing your IT environment with the medium and long-term in mind. It will make incremental changes that increase efficiency, boost productivity and keep costs transparent.

The latter approach safeguards against major problems like security breaches and data loss, while factoring in disaster recovery plans and the company’s growth projections. It brings both flexibility and reassurance, providing a strong foundation from which to build the business.

This approach typically works to a roadmap that will set benchmarks for your organisation to reach against industry best practice standards – meaning your IT will be in optimal shape year round. Moreover, because the approach works to a roadmap, costs are transparent making it easier to budget and helping to improve cash flow. And with risks mitigated, the likelihood of significant outlays for repairs is reduced – meaning your IT is both more efficient and cost-effective.

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