When it comes to IT support, there are two common options that business owners have to choose from. They can either build an in-house IT support team or outsource it to an MSP. This can create a bit of a headache.

How can you tell which one is better?

Well for most SMEs an in-house IT support team is a good and viable option. For start-ups or those that are just starting out, they can help with tech setup, troubleshooting, and all sorts of other tasks as well. You’ll have someone around that can deal with small, day-to-day stuff and provide a level of support that will keep you ticking over.

However, an in-house IT support team comes with some major limitations. If it’s just an individual or even just a small team, you may get slower response times if you have multiple ongoing issues. That can have a knock-on effect on your operation.

With an in-house team, your IT support is also limited by the limits of their skill and knowledge. And while you can invest in skills and training, that’s an ongoing expense on top of salaries that you may not be able to afford. And of course, if they leave, you have the headache of trying to replace them.

On the other hand, outsourcing your IT support can be extremely beneficial in a number of ways – arguably the most important of which is the time and space to focus on building your business without tech problems.

An MSP worth it’s salt will take care of the daily running of your IT and any fixes that need doing or small problems that arise. That means your systems and process will run smoothly and things like your cybersecurity and data are well taken care of. Within that remit, you can expect responsive service and a scale of command for bigger problems.

An MSP should also take care of your long-term IT strategy. Again, this is something you do in-house, but you’d need expertise for it and even then, success is not guaranteed. Working with an MSP, you’ll have the reassurance that your IT is scalable and future from someone that’s done it before hundreds of times.

Finally, outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider allows you to take advantage of their expertise in crucial areas like cybersecurity, cloud services, data protection, and compliance. This is the expertise that would be expensive and time-consuming to assemble in-house – using an MSP gives you that at a fraction of the cost and zero hassle.

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