A VoIP phone system is a cloud-based telephone set up that delivers voice comms over the internet or networks – hence Voice over Internet Protocol. In recent years they’ve become increasingly popular with SMEs and have replaced traditional analogue phone setups. Here’s why.

VoIP is versatile. It can in fact be used to support any kind of device that has a microphone and an internet connection – your laptop, PC, mobile phone, and even your smartwatch. As such, most VoIP providers offer packages to support the business and its use, rather than the specific device – which is handy for small businesses that operate on the go.

That versatility extends to the range of functions you can perform too. Standard landline elements such as call forwarding, queuing, and dial-back can be used with VoIP, while more sophisticated features such as the ability to import software and set up a calling campaign are also available. Call recording also comes as standard – allowing you to store calls for reference and analysis.

Because calls are made over the internet, they tend to be cheaper too. For call centres or businesses that are reliant on heavy call usage or make a lot of international calls – an MSP for example – VoIP is way more cost-effective. And because VoIP companies operate via the cloud, users can access the network from anywhere meaning that it can support flexible or remote working.

This increased level of accessibility is VoIP’s’ biggest advantage over traditional landline setups. It means that anywhere with a decent internet connection allows users to make or receive calls. And because VOIP also does away with fixed numbers, users aren’t bound by a fixed location or device. In fact, you can select which device your calls default depending on your location or schedule – giving you seamless communication with clients and customers at no extra cost.

Finally, scalability is another major benefit of VoIP setups. Because they’re not reliant on fixed hardware, the systems can grow in line with business demand. Working with VoIP service providers also means that you can add or reduce the number of features your system requires in accordance with business demand. What’s not to love?

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