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Our Values

"Our Values Matter To Us" When we first created Nutbourne Ltd in 2007 we wanted to find a way to ensure that our development stayed true to our original plans and business values. To guide us as we continue to grow we have clearly set out what these values are.

We will provide exceptional support and communication to our clients, cooperation with them to ensure that we deliver what we promised. At all times we will engage with clients in an open, honest & ethical manner and if we ever fail to meet these high standards we will learn & improve.

Our Team

Marcus Evans

Co-Founder & MD

With a solid background in Office Relocation and Building Fit Out Marcus brought a different angle to bear when co-founding Nutbourne Ltd. His aim is to modify the regimented project management and design creativity of office relocation to account for new trends in IT, the integration of other services and staffing happiness, which ultimately saves companies both time and money. Alongside his work with Nutbourne Marcus is a member of the IOD young Directors committee and works with numerous other societies and organisations across the UK. In his spare time Marcus says he enjoys writing bad literature and he has also appeared on a TV quiz show.

Patrick Burgess

Co-founder & Technical Director

Patrick co-founded Nutbourne Ltd with the simple aim of bringing high quality service and support to an IT sector which has become flooded with companies who assume that "just enough" will do. With years of experience streamlining varied companies’ IT systems across Europe, he passionately believes in the value of high quality service at a reasonable cost. Patrick is an active Professional Member of the British Computer Society to drive standards forward within the IT industry. If he was a superhero Patrick says he’d have the ability to control time, which is no surprise given his super busy schedule!

Paul Grogan

IT Infrastructure Architect

Having been with the Nutbourne since it operated out of an attic office, Paul has worked  tirelessly with the company as a key member of the Management Team. He now works closely with our clients to create bespoke technical solutions and undertake high-level audits.In his spare time Paul trains hard to run half marathons and raise money for charity. And his special talent? Well he says, it’s being generally quite awesome.

Daniel Gregory

Head of Technical Services

An accomplished self-made thousandaire who may one day give it all up and become a handsome billionaire, Dan fearlessly leads the Escalations Team and all who sail in her.

Sam Green

Escalations Engineer

Samuel, or Sam as he prefers to be called, started with Nutbourne as an Apprentice and has worked hard to become a successful and experienced Escalations Engineer. Sam has always been keen to involve himself in the world of IT, with fixing things bringing a “strange satisfaction”. He is West Ham mad with football being a passionate and time consuming part of his life, whether he is watching or playing. If Sam is not doing something to do with football, he is likely gaming or watching his favourite TV shows (*cough* Walking Dead *cough*).

Louise Taylor

Operations and Recruitment Manager

Having known both of the Directors for years it was only a matter of time before Louise bought her diverse business experience on board, and she is dedicated to leading the company to new heights of service and success. Louise’s real passion in life is travelling to weird and wonderful places, and as a qualified Dive Master that includes the oceans as well.

Ross Jones

Account Manager

Using his background in Customer Service,  Ross aims to ensure that our clients remain happy whilst also providing support to the Sales Team where required. Although previously working in Business Development in the Industrial Rope Access Industry  (Yes that does exist. And No he didn’t do any abseiling himself.) Ross decided that he would remain on terra firma and move into the relative safety of the IT Industry!  In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and has recently joined a gym which he thinks is rather overdue! 

Awais Ahmed

Service Desk Manager

Awais leads our Service Desk Team. Awais has always been dedicated to monitoring and servicing our clients’ systems, and his ambition to maintain our high quality service makes him a great leader and asset to the Nutbourne team. Awais enjoys playing football, watching movies, and would love to live in Dubai or Morocco.

Sheeraz Hussain

Onsite Engineer Manager

Sheeraz joined Nutbourne in 2013 and looks after many of our clients, providing them with the best support and service possible. He applies his technical expertise on the phone and also at clients’ sites, helping us work towards our aim of 100% customer satisfaction. In the past year Sheeraz has taken on the responsibility of heading up the onsite Engineer Team.Outside of work Sheeraz is quite the chef and makes a delicious bread and butter pudding with a caramel twist!

Simeon Rose

Senior Support Engineer

Coming to Nutbourne with over 10 years IT expertise, from a diverse range of sectors, Simeon is a welcome addition to the Senior Support Team.Outside of work Simeon has the memorable hobbies of juggling and hula-hooping, and is constructing a model railway at home.

Richard Clarke

Support Engineer

Richard is an onsite support engineer. During his short time with the company he's used his many years of experience to assist colleagues to resolve a multitude of issues as he visits many of Nutbourne’s clients. He has a keen interest in fitness and trains as often as he can. In his spare time he likes to watch classic comedies; Blackadder and Fawlty Towers being among his favourites.

Manraj Sandhu

Support Engineer

Manraj has been an IT Support Engineer for 4 years now, having decided that, being the family IT support technician for years, he should finally be getting paid by someone for his expertise. When not providing excellent second line support to Nutbourne's clients, he enjoys hip hop, photography and BMWs. One day he hopes to retire with all of the above to a nice village in Punjab somewhere.

Rehman Majid

Support Engineer

“Never allow the storm to faze you! - Rehman’s motto for working in the IT world. Rehman is an experienced IT professional with over 6 years’ experience starting off in a service desk role, and joined Nutbourne as a Support Engineer in 2016. Outside of Nutbourne Rehman enjoys reading, meeting up with friends for meals and playing board games – want a game?”

Qasim Hanif

Support Engineer

Qasim likes football and burgers. Qasim doesn't like writing descriptions of himself. We like him though, and he is a valued member of the team.

Lee Swallow

Support Analyst

Being “best on computers” in the company he worked for 20 years ago lead Lee to a career in IT and Nutbourne are happy to have his experience and skills on board in the Support team.In his spare time you will usually find him in some far-flung outpost watching Leyton Orient attempt to play football.

Danuta Lace

Support Analyst

Having found her natural place in IT Support over 3 years ago, Danuta continues to be an approachable and highly efficient Support Analyst.  Outside of work Danuta likes cold weather and snow, and enjoys watching a playing ice hockey. She also loves Italian food and gaming, so she fits in very well at Nutbourne!

Matthew Porter

Support Analyst

Having graduated in Film Technology Matthew found himself working in PC World, using his technical skill gained from a lifetime of using and playing with (and breaking!) technology. He scame to Nutbourne with three years of experience and having worked with a variety of technology’s and companies. In his spare time Matthew can be found going to gigs, or rehearsing with his band Beautiful Obsession, in which he plays guitar and sings. He also admits to watching more films and TV shows than is probably healthy.

Brandon John

Support Analyst

Brandon has recently joined the Nutbourne family as our Support Analyst. Brandon comes from working in a multi-site, public sector environment where he gained his excellent customer services skills which include building great rapport with users and understanding the ICT needs and importance of each individual sites. Brandon is enjoying sharing his skills with his Nutbourne colleagues and the perks of the private sector office (on-site snooker games during lunch breaks) and is excited to grow his skills and career further with the Nutbourne family! In Brandon’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and he also likes to travel as much of the world as he can! His next mission is to tick off the Phi Phi Islands!

Zach Sansum

Support Analyst

Zach joined Nutbourne as a Trainee and put in the hours to quickly become qualified and a fully fledged member of the Support Team. Often our top ticket solver,he has become invaluable to the team.Zach has a penchent for Magic the Gathering cards, often spending extended periods of time with no food or drink, showing his dedication to the ultimate geek hobby.

Aamir Seedat

IT Apprentice

Elliott Fields

Project Engineer

Elliott, (Double "L's" & "T's"), started IT in about 1825, or maybe it was nearer half past. (His joke not ours). A former chef, salesman & bus driver among other choices before he came to IT, Elliott is now firmly at home delivering our more complex IT Projects. He is your go to expert when it comes to F1, Family Guy or his dog, Brian.

Chile Mutale

Junior Project Engineer

Here to help. With 7 years in the industry Chile shoots all over London completing projects for our clients. Analogue at birth, digital by design, Chile is currently working towards an MBA with an emphasis in fantasy football. He also claims he is excellent at parallel parking. 

Haider Shah

Junior Project Engineer

Haider is in his second stint at Nutbourne, after leaving last year for a while to help out with his Family's business. We are happy to have him back, with his 'can do' attitude and cheerful morning greetings and look forward to seeing him take his career to the next level with the Nutbourne Projects Team.Outside of work (or perhaps including it) Haider wants to 'take this city by storm'. He enjoys socialising and cooking, and interestingly originally planned to become a Psychologist, but ended up developing a love of IT due to its logical manner.

Mike Scillitoe

Accounts & Quoting Administrator

Mike, also known as Scilli, has recently joined the Admin team at Nutbourne, getting involved in everything non-IT, from sales to accounts, putting his Degree in Accountancy to good use.In his spare time Mike has the predictable hobby of playing video games, but he also plays drums!

Mark Foster

Branding & Graphic Design

Branding and Graphic design: Mark is in charge of developing and building our brand identity visually by designing the graphics and logos that make Nutbourne who were are! Mark has over 10 years’ experience in the field, using his expertise to consistently reflect our brand through multiple platforms.

Steve Evans

Head of Structured Cabling

With over 20 years of experience Steve is an all-round handy man, working on small builds and installing structured cabling. Steve upholds Nutbourne’s approval as a Connectix installer; he fixes and thoroughly tests data cables so that our operations run smoothly and stress free for our clients! Steve is also a karate sensei and enjoys practicing Kung Fu.

Our Charity

As a team we've raised

At Nutbourne we take charity extremely seriously. As a team we try and do something charitable at least once a year and individually our members do their own fund raising as well. What with running Marathons, going on trips to India and buying enormous eggs it’s amazing we get any time to do any work at all...