Strategy and Implementation

High level consultancy and long-term strategy are vital parts of an MSP’s services. Because of this we carry out baseline network audits and meet with senior leadership teams because you don’t know what’s around the corner.

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Technical and risk Benchmarking

All companies should try and mitigate IT risk if they can. We help by benchmarking you with other organisations and standards and making sure you are as well secured as you can be. The backbone of this is the technical and risk benchmark, looking at all aspects of security and usability to give you a detailed report on what can be improved, and what you are doing well.

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Virtual CIO and IT road mapping

Whilst day to day support is important, nothing is more important than getting your IT strategy right at board level. This can be with a three-year plan, or budgetary spend, as well as risk and emerging threat mitigation. We sit at the highest level with you, so you have a CIO ready to help, as much or as little as you need it. Providing road maps and the best way to move forward and be future proofed.

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Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Planning

It is too late to start planning for a business impact once it is happening. Nutbourne can work with you using our toolkits and consultants to help build a robust Business Continuity Plan. We will work with you to look at the existing business processes, the recovery times required and the priority order. Where your current systems are not capable of delivering the required recovery times we can help you form a roadmap to get the systems to the level required to provide the outcome your require.

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Consultancy and Audits

Nutbourne provides high level consultants & engineers to help you with understanding your current systems, networks and equipment. By carrying out network audits, we can provide a document which details where you are now, and where you need to go to keep your IT Systems in line with the business requirements. We can also provide consultancy to work with you in team meetings, 3rd party or supplier meetings.

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