Phishing Training, Security Training & Policy Management

As a managed service provider, Nutbourne can provide phishing training, security training and policy management through our partnership with usecure. usecure are a market leader in human risk management software, allowing you to measure, reduce and monitor employee cyber risk.


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Why use Human Risk Management (HRM)?

With ransomware on the rise, phishing attacks becoming more sophisticated and hackers requesting more in ransom money every year, it has never been more important to ensure your workforce is clued in in cybersecurity. Security awareness training used to make the cut, but nowadays it is a little outdated. Human Risk Management is much more advanced, saving you time and money in the long run.

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Customisable for bespoke needs

usecure has its own Learning Management System (LMS) that houses all of the training courses for cybersecurity awareness training. However, you may have extra requirements for training that are not included with usecure. Handily, the LMS allows you to create custom courses for your users. Designed to be intuitive, the drag and drop system is easy to use, so you can create whatever training you need.

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User engagement

One of the major issues with standard cybersecurity awareness is that it can be a challenge to keep people engaged. Training isn’t normally fun. usecure addresses this issue by using short videos and interactive content to help keep training bite-sized and easy to digest with their jargon-free courses.

Again, this is optional. usecure offer both the “fun” style of training programmes, but also a “corporate friendly” version which may be more in-line with your company’s culture. usecure is whatever you need it to be.

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100% Cloud based

usecure’s Human Risk Management is completely based in the cloud, which means there’s no software or hardware for you to install or manage. It’s hassle-free. Quick and easy to get set up, configuring the system to your liking and then it’s the simple task of adding users and then everything else can be automated. Using uSecure’sAutoEnrol‘ enables you to rapidly deploy training programmes unique to your employees’ security knowledge gaps, with continuous management made easy through automated course invites, reminders and weekly summary reports. 

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